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Home Painting That Lets You Fall in Love With Your Home All Over Again

Rethink your household for the better. Thanks to our established home painting expertise, your York, PA, property is about to become more welcoming than you ever imagined.

Customize your home with our

  • Easy project management and design assistance,
  • No-charge estimates,
  • Comprehensive service warranties,
  • Friendly, background-checked crews, and
  • Fully licensed and insured processes.

Why Does Your Home Project Deserve Mike Ausherman Painting?

There are many different painting service providers in York, PA, but they're not all equal. We set the high bar for quality that others struggle to achieve:

Our Intelligent Approach to Painting

Think you can trust a painting contractor that just dives into the project without planning in advance? Think again, because everything depends on preparation.

We thoroughly strategize every task from taping off borders to inspecting each completed section for flaws, inconsistencies and blemishes. No matter how difficult the challenge, our process includes the vital steps necessary to a job well-done.

Leadership That Never Fails

Home painting is about more than just applying coats of various pigments. These jobs can be surprisingly complicated, so they require oversight that keeps things on track at every stage.

We've created crews with leaders who have proven their expertise through decades of success. Thanks to our diverse skill set, we can always solve tricky painting problems and keep your home's transformation moving along.

Assured Service Quality

You want to create something new out of your home, and we believe that you should be able to enjoy it to the fullest. That's why we're willing to stand behind our work with more than mere words.

Ask us about our warranties and guarantees. Partnering with us means walking away happy with the results, so we give you the legal assurances to ensure your satisfaction.

Home Painting Services Beyond Compare

Painting and repainting homes aren't undertakings for the faint of heart. These tasks demand attention to detail, dedication and acquired skill.

Sure, many people may be fine touching up a few spots here and there or getting crafty with stencils in their kids' bedrooms. When it comes to making significant changes, however, it's critical to work with a professional.

Your home's color scheme decides how prospective buyers see the property when you're trying to close in a hurry. The quality of its paint job determines whether you'll end up having to perform in-depth maintenance down the line. From changing the mood with color to protecting your wood fixtures with humidity- and UV-resistant sealants, painting has the power to change how you view property ownership permanently.

Why not take charge of your homeowner experience? It's as easy as talking to a Mike Ausherman Painting specialist, and we're always ready to chat. Find out why Pennsylvania trusts us with all things painting by scheduling a free estimate now.

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Tracey McSherry
Tracey McSherry
14:18 24 Dec 17
I can't say enough good things about Ausherman Painting. High quality people, materials and service and they do great work. Prompt, courteous and reasonably priced.read more
C Felix
C Felix
15:38 06 Jan 17
Perfection, start to finish. Would recommend highly. Todd is a true professional and is detailed, extremely responsive, and passionate about his work. Job was a large one and my house is beautiful!read more
John Malloy
John Malloy
18:08 13 May 14
My wife and I love the job that Mike Ausherman painting has done for our house. We have had them on three different jobs and they have a been a pleasure to work with each time. We feel we have received great customer service and the job they do is flawless. They are perfectionistic in their work and you will be pleased. Great value for what you get. read more
Jessica Cheri
Jessica Cheri
16:38 20 Oct 17
Blake Livingston
Blake Livingston
18:45 16 Aug 18
We had a tight timeline on our painting job; the team from Ausherman worked with us to schedule quickly and did great work.read more
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