About Us

Thank you for considering Ausherman Painting for your painting needs.

Since 1979, We have placed an emphasis on quality craftmanship and customer satisfaction. We’ve built our reputation on those priciples. We strive for you to consider our painting services as a long-term investment in the future of your home or property.

Quality craftmanship means advising you of all preparation and painting needs; not overlooking important aspects of the project to keep the price low. Quality craftmanship means not cutting corners on surface preparation, using only the best materials, and providing the proper application of coats.

Customer satisfaction means our friendly, uniformed employees arrive on time and return daily until the work has been completed. Customer satisfaction means our employees work quietly and neatly to respect and enhance the beauty of your home or property. Customer satisfaction means working hard to exceed expectations. Last, but not least, customer satisfaction means staying humble. Knowing, that even with our experience, at times things can go wrong and having the willingness to do anything we can to make it right.

The success of our company is built on the relationships we have with our customers. It is our desire to be your painter for years to come.

Our Team

Decades of experience and a passion for excellence. Our Employees, not Sub-Contractors.