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The 10 Best-Painted Buildings in Washington D.C.

Right or left, we can all agree that July 4 is a day to celebrate. Of course, it’s a beautiful time to enjoy the glorious American summer, but it’s also a time to remember the sacrifices of those who came before us. In celebrating this year, Mike Ausherman Painting looks at the heart of our nation at The 10 Best-Painted Buildings in Washington D.C.

10. Tudor Place

An 1816 marvel, this ode to the beauty of nature is perfectly emulated by earth tones coloring the exterior.

9. Mount Vernon Estate

America’s archetypal president called this place home. Capturing classic charm, this huge house boasts an rustic paint job including a white exterior, green shutters, and a red roof.

8. The National Building Museum

A building dedicated to buildings, this Museum is unsurprisingly impressive. Red brick exterior, colossal interior, and perfectly matched gold columns inside make this a sight to behold.

7. Eisenhower Executive Office Building

Now overflow offices for executive staff, this enormous building is hard to miss. White accents and a dark roof make is slate exterior pop with power.

6. Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

A hero in the civil rights and intellectual worlds, Douglass’ estate showcases warmth with white trim on a grey exterior, green shutters, and a red roof.

5. International Spy Museum

Mystery, intrigue, and fascination all color the inside of this classically understated exterior. Step inside, and architecture, lighting, and color, lead to the world of espionage.

4. Ashburton House

Masterfully crafted in colonial style, white trim accents the sand color exterior in a house that brought about a conclusion to Canada-America border troubles. Pretty close to York, PA!

3. Blind Whino SW Arts Club

This wildly-painted building has come a long way from its roots as a church in 1886. Now an art gallery, the facade is swimming in interesting shapes and colors by a truly dedicated painter.

2. U.S. Capitol Building

Sticking with the, “White Biulding,” theme, this 1793 building has not only white on the exterior to accent the neoclassical architecture, but the inside is also covered with amazing murals.

1. The White House

Ausherman Painting’s favorite, and the most well-known image of our nation’s capital, the White House has been the hub of the Executive Branch for over 2 centuries. Named after its paint job, it takes about 570 gallons of paint to touch it up! Aren’t you glad your York, PA, house isn’t 55,000 square feet?

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Tracey McSherry
Tracey McSherry
14:18 24 Dec 17
I can't say enough good things about Ausherman Painting. High quality people, materials and service and they do great work. Prompt, courteous and reasonably priced.read more
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C Felix
15:38 06 Jan 17
Perfection, start to finish. Would recommend highly. Todd is a true professional and is detailed, extremely responsive, and passionate about his work. Job was a large one and my house is beautiful!read more
John Malloy
John Malloy
18:08 13 May 14
My wife and I love the job that Mike Ausherman painting has done for our house. We have had them on three different jobs and they have a been a pleasure to work with each time. We feel we have received great customer service and the job they do is flawless. They are perfectionistic in their work and you will be pleased. Great value for what you get. read more
Jessica Cheri
Jessica Cheri
16:38 20 Oct 17
Blake Livingston
Blake Livingston
18:45 16 Aug 18
We had a tight timeline on our painting job; the team from Ausherman worked with us to schedule quickly and did great work.read more
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