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Back to School Interior Painting: Now’s the Time!

Now that summer is coming to a close, kids are getting ready to head back to school and teachers are preparing their classrooms. In addition to buying notebooks and pencils, parents might want to think about preparing their home for the fall season as well. Fortunately, this is possible with interior painting from Mike Ausherman Painting Inc. in York, PA.

Give Your Home a Fall Makeover

The transition to fall is a great time to really assess the state of your home. Not only will the kids not be around to distract you, but the changing of the seasons means you will probably be spending more time indoors. If you want this time to be enjoyable, it may be necessary to address the state of your interior design.

Over the summer, the kids can be very rough on your home. If your kids are bouncing off the walls, then your paint job may be showing significant signs of wear and tear. This can make your home look dingy and uninviting, which is the opposite of what you need as the cooler fall temperatures approach.

There is no need to live in a lackluster home. Instead, consider a back to school home makeover with interior painting from an expert team.

A Personalized Paint Job with No Hassles

There are many companies that offer interior painting services. Some people even think that they can do the work themselves. However, these options pale in comparison to the comprehensive service offered by Mike Ausherman Painting Inc.

The difference starts with the individualized professional service offered by our team. We work with every client to discuss the scale of the job and the nature of the finishes. We are happy to help clients pick the best paint colors for their decor, and we can even help coordinate colors throughout the home. Our expertise makes us uniquely primed to make sure you get the best paint for each and every room in your home.

As for people thinking about doing the project themselves, please consider our competitive prices that provide comprehensive service. This means that when you hire us for your paint work, you do not have to lift a finger. We handle all parts of the process, which means all you have to do is sit back and enjoy a fresh back to school makeover with your home decor.

Your Paint Experts in York, PA

What other advantages can you expect from us? Consider the benefits listed below.

  • Seasoned crew
  • Proven painting methods
  • Professional finishes
  • Quality materials
  • Timely work
  • Varied experiences in all types of homes

When the seasons change, it is your opportunity to change as well. If you are looking to embrace change with a back to school makeover, then be sure to give us a call. We still have openings for appointments available. Set up your back to school makeover, or get a free quote from us today.

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Tracey McSherry
Tracey McSherry
14:18 24 Dec 17
I can't say enough good things about Ausherman Painting. High quality people, materials and service and they do great work. Prompt, courteous and reasonably more
C Felix
C Felix
15:38 06 Jan 17
Perfection, start to finish. Would recommend highly. Todd is a true professional and is detailed, extremely responsive, and passionate about his work. Job was a large one and my house is beautiful!read more
John Malloy
John Malloy
18:08 13 May 14
My wife and I love the job that Mike Ausherman painting has done for our house. We have had them on three different jobs and they have a been a pleasure to work with each time. We feel we have received great customer service and the job they do is flawless. They are perfectionistic in their work and you will be pleased. Great value for what you get. read more
Jessica Cheri
Jessica Cheri
16:38 20 Oct 17
Blake Livingston
Blake Livingston
18:45 16 Aug 18
We had a tight timeline on our painting job; the team from Ausherman worked with us to schedule quickly and did great more
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